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Ayurvedic Under eye cream: Ayurvedic herbal oil, seabuckthorn, jojoba, olive squalene carrotseed, vetiver, Wheatgerm, grapeseed oil, shea coco mango kokum butter, Vit E, citrus fruit enzymes, natural caffeine, ashwagandha, coffee, chicory,  glycerin, pure Aloevera gel, himayalan rose water, greentea extract water, preservative free nano ZnO2   and TiO2   natural silicones
Benefits: The skin under your eyes is extremely sensitive. Chances of wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines are very high. Eye creams help to nourish the skin, keep it moisturised and prevent dullness. They help fight the puffiness every morning and brighten eyes.

Ayurvedic Eye Cream